About Us

Our aim is to ;
- Bridge trading links with our Production Mills that we represent and the ENDUSERS in Turkey who serve the domestic and international markets.
- Act 100 % tranparant to Sellers and Buyers
- Explore and find out new ENDUSER to promote new sales for the Seller and generate alternative supply sources for the Buyers
- Facilitate and increase business through better service and logistical advantage

In order to achieve the targets we aim at , we are aware of establishing/generating win/win strategies for both Seller and Buyers that we beleive to be the foundation of a long term cooperation.

Through continious investments and quality improvements over the last 15 years in NLMK , we are at the service of all Endusers to assist them use better quality steel and serach for alternative products that can help them save money and time for production.

Looking at the performce over the last 15 years , we see a change in the product mix we serve to Turkish Clientele from NLMK. During the last 2-3 years , we are working and trying to sell more finished products than semi finished (where this was our main line of busines some 5-10 years ago) steel. This is due to many investment projects completed in Turkey over the last 2-3 years that allowed Turkish mills to produce/supply more semi finished steel. This is a new era and a new challenge for us to beat.

We look forward to serve all Turkish Steel Industry with better grade of steel , better service and with competative commercial terms as we did over the years.

We would also like to present yourselves a brief summary of our activities over the last 5 years.

Hoping to have served you and look forward to continue doing so...

M. Cengiz ARGAT

Performance Charts

- Performance Chart for last 5 Years